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Quran Education Program

Quran Education encompasses a comprehensive curriculum of learning Tajweed-ul-Quran with proper phonics.

Character Education Program

Character Education Program strives hard to formulate and produce a curriculum that is based on ethical values propagation.

Community Education Program

To transform communities into educated, healthy, and socially developed society on a self-help basis for the bright future of Pakistan.

Our History

Character Education Foundation (CEF) was established to endow quality education, especially pertaining to Quranic teachings and character education, among different schools, colleges, educational institutions and organizations in the country.

Established in January 2016, Character Education Foundation (CEF), is a not-for-profit, independent, non-political, non-sectarian organization in Pakistan. Incorporated in July 2019, under Section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017, with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), headquarter at Islamabad, CEF has sub offices/focal persons in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and AJK respectively. It runs three key programs:  1) Quran Education, 2) Hasana Tarbyah and; 3) Community Education with the help of 274 staff.

Vision and Values


“Building the Bright Future of Pakistan”
پاکستان کے روشن مستقبل کی تعمیر


Transforming society for a bright future through Quran education, character building and community engagement.

Our Founder

Mr. Mahmood Ahmed, envisaging a vision to bring a positive change in the society, is a zealous educationist and passionate worker with over 25 years’ experience of successful interventions and new initiatives. He has a vast experience in non-for-profit management, with a proven record while working in various social sector organizations.

Mr. Mahmood Ahmed, the founding director of AFAQ and Help in Need is a dedicated philanthropist in Pakistan who has hands on experience in education, social and development sector. He is the founder and the Director of READ Foundation which is a leading educational organization, imparting education to more than 118,000 students under the supervision of 5967 teachers in 400 schools.  His visionary and consistent efforts proved in the establishment of CEF in Jan 2016.

Mr. Mahmood has a vast experience in project management, with a proven record while working in various social sector organizations. He had done remarkable work in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in AJK and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa through his untiring leadership. He has excellent accounting and financial management skills demonstrated during the last 25 years association with READ Foundation and other organizations. 

His significant achievements include the introduction of a customized education system for the rural communities of Pakistan.

Mr. Mahmood also initiated to endow quality education, especially pertaining to Quranic teachings and character education, among different educational institutions and organizations through a unique platform of Character Education Foundation i.e. CEF. He is the founder of CEF and currently serving as its Chairman. Through his tremendous leadership, CEF managed to benefit over 1.5 million children as well as thousands of adults through short courses and trainings.

Mr. Mahmood Ahmed personifies a struggling journey envisioning to transform the society through different development initiatives. He belongs to a small remote village of AJK. Retired from PIA Marketing department and with no specific auxiliary background, he is a self-made person, who signifies the common man’s struggle for his country.

Our President

Mr Javed is a renowned Surgeon, Trainer, Poet and Motivational Speaker. He is a surgeon with special interest in laparoscopic and cancer surgery. He is an official mentor of Royal College of Glasgow and International Course Director of American College of Surgeons for Advance Trauma Life Support (ATLS). He is one of the pioneers of laparoscopic surgery in the region. He has trained more than 50 surgeons, formally as their supervisor, and thousands more who have worked with him in various capacities during his four decades long professional journey.

Dr. Javed Iqbal is a multifaceted personality, who has made significant contributions both as a physician and a motivational speaker. His unique perspective, grounded in his extensive medical knowledge, has helped him inspire and transform the lives of thousands of people, making him a respected figure in Pakistan and beyond.

Board of Directors





Mahmood Ahmed

Director and Chairman


Dr. Javed Iqbal

Director and President


Mr. Muhammad Khalique



Mr. Qanit Khalilullah



Mr. Syed Noaman Asar



Mr. Syed Saad Ali



Brig. (R) Zakir Hussain



Ms. Ghazala Nadeem



Dr. Hafiz Sohaib Zafar



Mr. Inam ul Haq Masoodi



Ms. Humaira Mahmood



Ms. Zainab Asif



Dr. Kashif Shaikh


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