Syed Muhammad Mansoor Shakil

Chief Executive Officer

Syed Muhammad Mansoor Shakil, CEO of Character Education Foundation (CEF), is an experienced investor with 18+ years in private equity, asset management, and investment banking. He is an active social impact investor across diverse sectors globally, including tourism, fintech, and alternative energy. Mansoor collaborates with organizations like Akhuwat and Indus Hospital and has held key roles at Fajr Capital and HSBC Amanah. A Harvard Law School negotiation program graduate, Mansoor combines legal expertise with a strong track record in private equity, real estate, and venture capital. Specializing in origination, execution, and portfolio management, he excels in navigating complex negotiations and Islamic finance.

Shahid Rafique

Chief Operating Officer

Shahid Rafique, a seasoned leader with 20+ years of diverse experience in non-profits and business, holds an MS in Management and educational leadership qualifications. As COO at Character Education Foundation (CEF), his strategic vision and operational acumen drive success in HR management, financial insights, technology, program delivery, and overall organizational management. Known for integrity, innovation, and a commitment to excellence, Shahid fosters a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring the foundation thrives in character education and development.

Tariq Mahmood Tariq

HOD Community Development Education

Tariq Mahmood Tariq, PhD Scholar, is the General Manager of the Community Development Education Program. With 30 years of experience, he holds an MPhil in Education, an MA in ELM, and various certifications. A certified ECE trainer by AMI, Holland, he has conducted training for teachers, students, and parents nationwide. Formerly associated with AFAQ and READ Foundation, he is committed to community development, research, and training at Character Education Foundation (CEF).

Azhar Mahmood

HOD Quran & Sunnah Education

Mr. Azhar Mahmood, currently GM at Character Education Foundation (CEF), oversees Quran and Sunnah Education initiatives. Previously, within Character Education Foundation (CEF), he held roles including Program Head Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) Quran Education, Training Head, and Implementation Lead for Character Education. At Human Appeal International, he coordinated the Ehasas Quality Education Project, training teachers and students across Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK). Earlier, at READ Foundation, he served in diverse roles, developing skills in education, training, and administration. With over 14 years in the social sector, Azhar’s leadership, strategic vision, and commitment to quality education and ethical values make him an invaluable asset in fostering positive change.

Ammar Mahboob

HOD Character Building Education

Ammar Mehboob, MSc Linguistics from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad, is the Head of Character Building Education Program at Character Education Foundation (CEF). Formerly, he led the Child Development Program at Helping Hands for Relief and Development. Ammar served as a visiting lecturer at Quaid-e-Azam University and Riphah International University. His expertise lies in research, training, and project management, showcasing a commitment to holistic education and child development.

Muhammad Toseef Raja

HOD Research & Development Department (QSE)

Muhammad Toseef Raja, PhD Scholar, is the Head of the Research & Development Department (QSE) at Character Education Foundation (CEF). With an impressive 14-year tenure in the field of Education. Muhammad Toseef Raja has honed his expertise through various roles, including Senior Research Fellow at AFAQ and Lecturer/Trainer at Read Foundation. His vast experience spans the intricacies of curriculum development and research methodologies and Management.

Sadeeeq Ahmed Roghani

HOD Academia Facilitation Department

Sadeeq Ahmad Roghani, PhD Scholar, is the Manager of the Academia Facilitation Department. With 14 years of experience, he holds an MPhil in Islamic Studies and various certifications. Sadeeq has published 7 research articles in X & Y category journals. Furthermore, he has published a book titled “Asas ul Quran”. A certified Mufti, he has conducted training for school heads, teachers, students, and parents nationwide. Formerly associated with AFAQ, he is committed to outreach and training.

Saif Mir

HOD Human Resource

Saif Mir is a dedicated HR & OD senior professional, renowned for his adept people management and development skills honed over 17 years across various sectors. From Non-Profit Organizations like Character Education Foundation (CEF) and Read Foundation to esteemed institutions like Riphah International University and dynamic IT companies like Interactive Group of Companies, Saif has left an indelible mark. Holding prestigious academic credentials including an MS in Management and an MA in IR, Saif is a master of strategic HR management, talent acquisition, performance management, and policy development. His proactive approach to workforce management is instrumental in driving organizational growth, seamlessly aligning HR and OD functions with strategic objectives.

Muhammad Asim


Muhammad Asim, a seasoned professional with 13+ years in development and NPOs, excels in administration, management, and government coordination. As faculty at Quaid-e-Azam and Islamic International University, he impacts thousands through province-level training programs. Focused on capacity building, he designs, implements, and evaluates projects, driving sustainable impact and empowering communities for a brighter future.

Hammad Zaheer

HOD Resource Mobilization

Hammad Zaheer, a marketing professional with 16 years of nationwide experience, holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and an MBA from IBA Karachi. Serving in BP Industries and HMA Pumps for 5.5 years each, he excelled as a Brand and Marketing Manager. Since 2018, he has contributed to Character Education Foundation (CEF), showcasing expertise in marketing, brand management, and creative skills training.

Kaleem Akhtar

HOD Finance & Accounts

Kaleem Akhtar, the esteemed Senior Manager and Head of Finance at Character Education Foundation (CEF) is a strategic and financially astute leader with an MBA in Banking & Finance. Joining Character Education Foundation (CEF) in 2019, his 15-year tenure showcases expertise in Business Planning, Financial Forecasting, and Strategic Thinking. His strengths include Team Development, Adaptability, and Integrity, propelling Character Education Foundation (CEF) to new heights.

Jawad Liaqat

HOD CEF Online

Jawad Liaqat, a dynamic Project Manager, holds a Master’s in Project Management and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. As Senior Product Manager at the Character Education Foundation (CEF), he spearheads the success of “CEF Online,” a web-based learning platform. His experience spans leadership development at Riphah International University and IT projects for NCR Corporation and Codesign Technologies. Beyond his professional prowess, Jawad is an avid traveler and storyteller, blending technical expertise with creative finesse.

Asma Aman

HOD Marketing

Asma Aman, a seasoned marketing professional with a Biochemistry Master’s and MBA in Marketing, has excelled for over 18 years at National Foods, Habib Oil Mills, Shan Foods, and APAG. Her resourcefulness and results-oriented approach drive success in local and international markets. Adept in strategic leadership, she masters Marketing Strategy, New Product Development, Brand Management, Team Leadership, Consumer Insights, and more.