Story of Founder & Chairman: Mr Mahmood Ahmad worked over 20 years for education and
established gigantic organizations like
1.READ Foundation (having 400 Educational Institutes, 1 lac Students and 6000 teachers) and
2.AFAQ (with a turn over of over 1 Billion annually for school text books).

Switching to Character Education for the whole nation: at one point in time, Mr Mahmood Ahmad decided to start an
organization which should be working solely for character building, hence after lots of research and planning, he started
Character Education Foundation in 2016.
Vision: Building a Bright Future for Pakistan
Mission: To establish a welfare state through Character building of new generation in light of Quran & Sunnah.

Efforts & Achievements: To start building Character, Quran Education was found to be its essence. CEF adopted and developed innovative yet effective courses in Nazra Quran (Reading ) and Fehmul Quran (Understanding) for school children and society. With in very short time many Government boards and private schools adopted this syllabus as a part of compulsory Quran Education and a foundation for character building of the nation.

Character education is inducted in a society not only through character development initiatives, but having access to Quran learning is itself a tool to polish characters especially of the youth.

Learn Quran – Transform Society

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