Board of Directors

Mahmood Ahmed

Founder & Executive Chairman

Mahmood Ahmed, the esteemed founder of Character Education Foundation (CEF), brings with him a distinguished record of accomplishment of over 25 years in non-profit management. His visionary leadership is exemplified by the success of the READ Foundation, which caters to the educational needs of more than 118,000 students spanning 400 schools. Through Quranic teachings and character education, he positively empowers the lives of over 1.5 million children. 

Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal

President & Director

Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal, a distinguished Laparoscopic surgeon in Bahawalpur, boasts over 3 decades of experience. Currently serving as Professor of Surgery and Director of DME at Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, his passion for medical education is rivaled only by his talent as a published poet and Urdu prose writer. With an MBBS from Nishter Medical College and FCPS (Surgery) from both the College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Royal College of Surgeons in Glasgow, he champions education through his YouTube channel, offering motivational insights while advocating for societal issues. His expertise extends to laparoscopic and endocrine surgery, reflecting his multifaceted dedication to medicine and literature.

Dr. Sohaib Zafar

Vice Chairman

Dr. Sohaib Zafar Malik is an accomplished Director of the Tarbiyah Resource Center, he conceived and conducted Youth Leadership Program at Riphah International University with a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science from Uppsala University, Sweden. He holds a PGD in Professional Ethics & Teaching Methodology and is a UGSBR Graduate from Uppsala Graduate School in Biomedical Research. With expertise in Value Based Education and extensive training experience, he has mentored over 950 university faculty members across multiple institutions, conducted specialized trainings for educational and corporate sectors, and contributed to leading research journals and international conferences worldwide. Additionally, he imparts knowledge through teaching methodology courses and is adept at fostering learning environments.

Syed Muhammad Mansoor Shakil

Vice Chairman & CEO

Syed Muhammad Mansoor Shakil, CEO of Character Education Foundation (CEF), is an experienced investor with 18+ years in private equity, asset management, and investment banking. He’s an active social impact investor across diverse sectors globally, including tourism, fintech, and alternative energy. Mansoor collaborates with organizations like Akhuwat and Indus Hospital and has held key roles at Fajr Capital and HSBC Amanah. A Harvard Law School negotiation program graduate, Mansoor combines legal expertise with a strong track record in private equity, real estate, and venture capital. Specializing in origination, execution, and portfolio management, he excels in navigating complex negotiations and Islamic finance.

Muhammad Khaleeq


Muhammad Khaleeq, a seasoned executive with an MBA from Athabasca University, Canada, boasts over four decades of diverse experience in strategic planning, human resource development, and operations across sectors like Education, Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Real Estate Development. Holding leadership positions in global conglomerates and advising NGOs, he blends his expertise in people management with a passion for social impact. Khaleeq’s international exposure, particularly in the Middle East, enriches his deep understanding of global business dynamics. An active social worker, he contributes to various NGOs, emphasizing education and community development. His leadership workshops and coaching sessions worldwide highlight his commitment to organizational excellence and social responsibility.

Faheem Ahmed Khan


Faheem Ahmed Khan, an experienced law enforcement professional with over three decades of service, currently holds the rank of Additional Inspector General Police in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK). With a distinguished career marked by international exposure and accolades, including UN recognition, Khan has served in various key roles, demonstrating expertise in administration, operations, and disaster management. His extensive training portfolio encompasses strategic workshops, leadership programs, and specialized courses, reflecting his commitment to continuous professional development. Khan’s multifaceted experience and dedication make him a valuable asset in ensuring public safety and security.

Shah Sohail Masood


Shah Sohail Masood is a result-driven and self-motivated professional with over 39 years of experience in Pakistan Navy and the corporate sector. Skilled in strategic planning, decision-making, and turning ideas into realities. Known for goal-oriented leadership, networking, and effective relationship management. Currently advising various organizations and serving in leadership roles. Successfully led Bahria Foundation as Managing Director, achieving short and long-term goals while maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders. Retired as Vice Admiral from Pakistan Navy, holding major appointments including Commander Naval Strategic Forces and Deputy Chief of Naval Staff. Holds MSc in War Studies and numerous honors. Interested in reading, writing, traveling, and horse riding.

Bushra Zahid


Bushra Zahid is an accomplished professional serving as Principal at Fhm e Quran Centre. With an MSc in Anthropology from Qaid-e-Azam University and an MA in Islamic Education from the University of Gloucestershire, she brings a diverse educational background. Her prior experience includes completing diplomas in Quranic Sciences from Al Falah Institute and Baseerah Institute. Despite lacking formal awards, she excelled academically, securing first positions in both her anthropology master’s and Quranic diploma programs. Additionally, she has authored articles and blogs published in Jasarat and Iffat magazines, showcasing her expertise and writing proficiency.

Shagufta Humayun


Shagufta, a Computer Engineer with a passion for technology. Graduated from UET Peshawar with a degree in Computer System Engineering and later earned MS in Computer Engineering from CEME NUST Rawalpindi.With over a decade of experience, she is a seasoned software developer, having worked on various projects across different platforms. Beyond her technical expertise, Shagufta has a compassionate side. She’s lent her skills to the charity sector, creating systems to streamline daily operations and manage budgets effectively. Currently, Shagufta serves as a Software Engineer at a leading UK-based software company, where she continues to innovate and make a difference through her work.