Quran and Sunnah Education

Quran and Sunnah Education (QSE) encompasses a comprehensive curriculum of learning Tajweed-ul-Quran with proper phonics and blending of sounds to build a clear understanding of the Quran.

Why Quran Education is Important?

The Quran serves as a comprehensive guide for life, and it is necessary for us, as a religious and moral obligation, to derive maximum benefit from its teachings in our daily lives. Our primary duty towards it requires reading it accurately, comprehending its message, and disseminating its wisdom to others.

Each individual can both learn and impart Quranic knowledge uniquely. However, the paramount concern should be safeguarding its essence from diminishing. This preservation can only be ensured through emphasizing phonics and the harmonious blending of sounds. Therefore, Character Education Foundation (CEF) has diligently designed a structured curriculum dedicated to Quranic education.

Quran Education For SchOOls

Quran Education is developed focusing on the following characteristics:

• Shortest duration course to understand most of the Quran
• 100% Quranic Arabic covered with Tajweed
• Curriculum is designed for Kindergarten till Matric classes

TPI Method

Utilizing a research-based approach known as Total Physical Interaction (TPI), Quranic instruction is enriched with actions and expressions, enhancing the learning experience. It has the following salient features:

• The High-Frequency Vocabulary method prioritizes the teaching of the most commonly used words initially
• Also, grouping similar and root words together through fundamental grammar principles and linguistic laws.
• Rather than adhering to a conventional sequence and pronunciation, emphasis is placed on the phonics of the alphabet.


Our educational journey commences with primary classes, spanning from Kindergarten to Grade 5, where students engage in the comprehensive recitation of the Nazirah Quran while adhering to all Tajweed rules.

Fahm-ul Quran Course

Moving on to elementary and secondary levels, our curriculum is precisely designed to incorporate high-frequency words alongside grammar and TPI techniques. By the conclusion of the first three classes, encompassing Grades 6 to 8, students grasp approximately 85% of Quranic vocabulary, supplemented by comprehension of Namaz, Duas, and two Paras. In subsequent classes from Grades 9 to 12, students delve deeper into Quranic study, acquiring a holistic understanding of the text and exploring four aspects within each Quranic verse.


is developed focusing on the following characteristics:

• Shortest duration course to understand most of the Quran
• 100% Quranic Arabic covered with Tajweed
• Curriculum is designed for Kindergarten till Matric classes

Learning Resources 

Tajweed Poems

To enhance the pronunciation and memorization of words according to their Makharij, we have devised Tajweed poems in various regional languages of Pakistan, incorporating Total Physical Interaction (TPI) alongside animated demonstrations of Makharij.


Our video tutorials are tailored to reach segments of society beyond physical reach, aiming to deliver comprehensive yet concise training through the expertise of our instructors. As part of the learning process, we have developed numerous live tutorials and brief animated clips for both teachers and students.

Teacher's Manual

Our curriculum is meticulously structured to provide instructors with guidance, frameworks, activities, and supplementary materials to effectively lead classes. Each chapter at its end, includes activities, discussion questions, and essential vocabulary to facilitate learning.

Model Paper

To optimize learning outcomes, we have implemented a model paper practice system, allowing students to focus on key concepts. Research indicates that practicing model papers extensively reduces pre-exam stress and enhances preparation. These papers also assist schools and teachers in devising examination strategies tailored to their requirements.

Quran Education For Elders

Quran Education For Elders

Quran Education For Elders

Understand Quran Course (Level 1)

This is a 19-hour course that covers the understanding of 50% of words of the Holy Quran using TPI (Total Physical Interaction) and High-Frequency words in Namaz and selective Surahs.

Understand Quran Course (Level II-V)

This is an 80-hour course that covers 100% words of the Holy Quran along with the complete understanding of the Holy Quran through recitation of half PARA per session.

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National Curriculum Council (NCC)

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Education Islamabad

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Dated: 30th June 2021.

Punjab Curriculum & Text Book Board (PCTB), Lahore.

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Dated: 20th August 2021.

Directorate of Curriculum & Teachers Education (DCTE), Abbotabad KPK

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Dated: 15th July 2021.

Directorate of Curriculum Research & Development (DCRD), Muzaffarabad AJK

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Dated: 23rd April 2021.



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