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Understand Qur’an (Level 1)

20 hours course

This course includes an Orientation Session and Demo-Lesson of 1 hour through which you can know more about the course content, its structure and methodology.

Course includes:

  • Complete Azkar – e – Namaz with selected Surahs.
  • Qur’anic Grammar with TPI (Total Physical Interaction) method.
  • 125 High-Frequency Words which are repeated approximately 40,000 times in Qur’an.

• There is no fee for the course, however, course pack costs Rs 2000/person for both of the courses.

  • A Course Pack, contains;
      • Books
      • Workbooks
  • A Branded USB that includes:
      • Soft copy of powerpoint presentations
      • Video Tutorials
      • Videos of lessons


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