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The establishment of Mother Education Institute in metropolitan cities of Pakistan aims to train female master trainers to replicate the initiative across the country.

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The establishment of Mother Education Institute in metropolitan cities of Pakistan aims to train female master trainers to replicate the initiative across the country. These centers will serve as a platform for women to learn about the Quran and its teachings, and develop their understanding of their role in promoting moral and ethical values in society.

Through these institutes, we want to establish one institute in every metropolitan city of Pakistan and we aim to train 25 master trainers in each quarter. The trained master trainers will further train other women in their circles. Hence the spreading the Quran education will continuously in progress of spreading.  This initiative will create an awareness about the importance of Quranic education and its potential benefits on character development, family values, and community building. By empowering women through Quranic education, we can transform societies by promoting a culture of compassion, justice, and morality.

It is a unique opportunity for individuals, organizations, and communities to join hands with the Character Education Foundation in promoting Quran education through development of master trainers for the spreading of Quran education. We invite you to join us in this noble cause, and help us to build bright future of Pakistan.

Why Mother Education Institute?

Access to Quranic education in Pakistan remains a significant challenge, particularly for women and girls who face a range of social, cultural, and economic barriers to education. Despite the government’s efforts to improve access to education, the gender gap in education persists, with fewer girls enrolled in schools and a higher drop-out rate compared to boys. This situation is further exacerbated by a lack of trained female teachers and awareness, particularly in religious education.

The lack of trained female teachers in religious education has significant implications for the quality of Quranic education and understanding of religious principles and teachings. Without adequate training and education, individuals and communities may have a limited understanding of religious teachings and principles, which can have negative impacts on social and cultural norms. Moreover, the absence of trained female teachers contributes to a patriarchal society and reinforces gender-based discrimination in education and other spheres of life.

To address this issue, there is a need to establish Mother Education Institutes in all the metropolitan cities of Pakistan that will train women as master trainers to spread Quranic education in their circles. The initiative by Character Education Foundation aims to empower women, promote gender equality, and foster a better understanding of religious teachings, leading to a brighter future for Pakistan. The Mother Education Institute will provide training and support to women to become master trainers, who will then establish Mother Education Centers in their own areas. These centers will provide Quranic education to women and girls, promoting greater access to value-based education across the country.

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