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Hasanah Tarbiyah Program

Hasanah Tarbiyah Program strives hard to formulate and produce a curriculum that is based on ethical values propagation. 

Hasanah Tarbiyah Program

Our Philosophy

Character Education Program strives hard to formulate and produce a curriculum which is based on ethical values propagation. It is done through character development initiatives involving activities related to child’s social and spiritual development. We build child’s academic and social capabilities and ultimately create reflective and creative personalities in line with the Islamic teachings and ideology of Pakistan. We intend to prepare children having clear minds or a meaningful life, keeping in view their roles and responsibilities in this world.

Blessings (Hasana) in the world hereafter would be based on our actions in this world. However, we perform here would have a consequence in the life hereafter. We have to face for whatever the good or bad we do in this world. So Hasana in this world is essential for polishing our eternal life. This is one of the main teachings we endow the children with through our character education program.

Our Approach

CEF’s team prepared a holistic model that inculcates core values in the personalities of students. These sessions are conducted for teachers, Islamic scholars, parents, educationists and psychologists. These consultation meetings succeeded in building “Hasana Self Development Model (HSDM)” with the blessing of ALLAH Almighty. The word Hasana infact refers to our vision of life. (Rabbina Aatina Fiddunniya Hasana wafil Akhira)

Hasna Self Development Model introduced 6 most influential sides of the life of students. These important aspects include the teacher, curriculum, co-curricular activities, parents, scouting organizations and media.

We work to provide applicable and targeted solutions for filling the gaps in these areas which children to build the desired qualities in their characters. We believe that if the collective efforts are not done in these six areas simultaneously, then it will be very difficult to build the character of students effectively.


5 Values

These 5 values build the whole personality of a child which the parents wish to see and which is equally important to develop a nation.

5 Habits

Our curriculum develops and nurtures good habits in the lives of the children to make them a responsible and successful citizen of the society.

5 Attributes Of Khudee (Self)

Character education curriculum revitalizes child’s behavior towards self-improvement in the form of “Khudee”. Khudee tends to develop 5 main attributes of self-accounbility.

5 Roles & Responsibilities

Character education course connects the children with the sense of responsibility enabling them to get right approach at every stage and play a vital role being a Muslim, Pakistani, Family member and individual. Fifth domain of rights and responsibilities contains the acknowledgement of the rights and responsibilities which a person has to deliver. These rights are the rights of Allah and Prophet (PBUH), rights of own self, family, relatives and society.

5 Skills

Character education course creates and polishes a child’s ability in few basic skills to perform better in every aspect of life. It access to the demonstration of skills like communication, research, decision making, planning and organization.



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