Character Education Network – CENetwork


  • Spread the noble cause of CEF in an organized manner to make a real difference in society
  • Provide a platform to likeminded individuals / families to get together and contribute towards developing and strengthening communities
  • Provide learning opportunities
  • Approaching philanthropists to pool the resources for Character Education and Qur’an Education

Under the patronage and legal umbrella of Character Education Foundation (CEF) CENetwork has a nationwide structure with a central directorate.  We invite caring hearts and minds join us in this noble cause.

We have developed formal and official platforms of Clubs and Chapters to organize and facilitate   our auspicious regular financial and time contributors.


The objectives of involving individuals with CEF are to strengthen and promote the vision and mission of Character Education Foundation. CLUBS and CHAPTERS are very helpful to connect, network, coordinate and organsie the activities efficiently. Following are the key functions and features of CLUBS & CHAPTERS:

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  • Clubs are formed with an identified geographical boundary, Business Place or Institutional Platform and be consisting on minimum 5 and maximum 25 likeminded individuals (Affiliates/Associates Ambassadors)
  • CLUBS arrange regular Qur’an courses and classes, Club Circles/Monthly get-together i.e. Lectures, Short Courses, Days Celebrations, Trips/Tours etc.
  • All CLUBS have an official and formal structure with a CLUB Founder &/President, Secretary, Treasurer, Trainer/Mentor


  • A CHAPTER to be formed on Districts or large Tehsil Level and would be comprised of a minimum 10 ASSOCIATES, 05 AMBASSADORS and 01, MURRABIS.
  • Chapters will be responsible to organize, Annual Fundraisers, Chapter Round UP -quarterly get-together i.e. Trainings, Short courses, seminars as well as Six-monthly get-togethers of office bearers of linked CLUBS – Clubs Round – Up
  • A CHAPTER will have a structure of President, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Mentor

We encourage all individuals who believe in human development and character building to join us as our regular financial contributors and time contributors. Following are the details for joining CENetwork:

Financial Contributors donate regularly for the cause of Character Education Foundation.  There are two types of Financial Contributors; Affiliates & Associates

While who give their time, skills, contacts and support CEF through any other means become Time Contributors. There are two types of time contributors of CENetwork; Ambassadors & Trainers / Mentors

Financial Contributors

CENetwork provides an opportunity to every individual who is ambitious to contribute towards building the society and country. It is a platform with a wide range and scope for every caring heart who is concerned over the future of the nation and would like to partake any role in any capacity. Our financial contributor(s) make a monthly donation from Rs. 10 to Rs. 50,000.

AFFILIATE Rs. 10 to 25,000
ASSOCIATE Rs. 25,001 to 50,000

We welcome everyone who is willing to dedicate his/her financial resources for this cause.   We don’t expect everybody making huge donations so anyone who is able to donate Rs. 10 per month could become our Affiliate. An affiliate can join any CENetwork Clubs and can also be one of the office bearers of the club.

CENetwork warmly welcomes every individual who agrees with the vision and mission of CEF. We understand that in today’s busy life it may not be feasible for everyone to give their time on long-term basis. However, our society is full of philanthropists who care for the future and make generous contributions to partake their roles and responsibilities. Our Associates would be eligible to vote for or become office bearers of any of the CEN Chapters. An associate is required to make a monthly contribution of Rs. 25,001/-


Not only will your financial contribution help us grow, but we will also be working together for this noble cause by receiving the donation of your precious time through becoming an Ambassador/Trainer. We have our doors open for everyone who would like to participate in achieving our goals in any capacity or role. There are two types of time contributors:

  1. Ambassadors
  2. Trainers/Mentors

An Ambassador will be contributing his/her precious time to CEF and supporting us in fundraising, resource mobilization, arranging training sessions, briefings, or management of any other events. This also includes any input or guidance to the organization in any specific field.

AMBASSADORS will also assist Character Education Foundation identify, refer and liaise on with individuals who can become time-contributing and financial-contributing members as well as identify and refer to schools for adopting the curriculum of CEF

If you consider that you can become a good human resource to deliver trainings of a wide range of our courses, you can also become part of our network. As a trainer, you can contribute by utilizing your technical expertise of teaching Qur’an and mobilizing your social networks to solicit the financial resources for CEF. You can become our Trainer at three levels i.e. Mudarris, Muaalim & Murrabbi.

After becoming part of CEF and completing the Level 2 of Understand Qur’an Course and have demonstrated good training skills for delivering the primary course of Level 1 (20 hours), you will be able to become our Mudarris. You can start your Halaqa/Circle in your institution, village, locality or workplace.

After completing level 4 of Understand Qur’an Course, you would be eligible to become our Muaalim. You may conduct Master Training Workshops along with a range of other courses.

A Murrabi is the one who has gone through level 5 and can lead an academy of Qur’an. A Murrabbi will be leading the Character Education on its Tarbiyyah aspects as well. We also aim to establish a center for the trainings, research and coordination of CEF activities in major cities of the country. A Murrabi will be leading one such center or residential academy.